New Sample UK Driving Theory Test Questions

Just in case you haven’t attempted to answer all 9,742 UK Driving Theory Test questions (like I have), and are studying for the test, you might want to check these out.  Alternately, maybe you’ve experienced the massive thrill of actually passing your test, so perhaps you’d like to relive the sense of  triumph you may have felt on that day.  Perhaps you will leap out of your chair and do a victory lap around your office or home.  (It at home, watch out for the coffee table and all those sharp corners.  We at BPRB are not advocating any mishaps.)

Correct answers on Key at end.  (No cheating!)


1.  You are driving towards a tunnel when you realize your vehicle has been struck by a meteor.  Your vehicle is on fire and you are now in the tunnel.  There is a lorry ahead, overturned and blocking the exit to the other end of the tunnel.  In your rearview mirror appears a large truck towing a caravan filled with what could be explosive materials.  The truck is rapidly approaching and careening.   You should:

A)  Honk at the overturned lorry.

B) Slow your vehicle, turn on your dipped headlights, and wait patiently.

C) Quickly reverse into the truck and prevent it from entering the tunnel.  Leap from your vehicle, ignore flailing lorry driver and bound towards the emergency pedestrian exit.  Once outside the tunnel, make yourself a nice cup of tea.

D) Quickly exit vehicle and roll towards overturned lorry.  Drag lorry driver from lorry and proceed to emergency pedestrian exit unless engulfed in flame before reaching exit.  Once outside of tunnel, make a nice cup of tea for yourself and for the lorry driver.

E) Honk at the meteor.

2.  You suddenly find yourself transporting a bus of small children.   You have determined that the tyre tread is less than 1.66 mm and that the octane level of the bus’ petrol is less than regulation standards.   There is a light drizzle and fog with occasional hail and cyclone-level winds.  On your journey you will need to use your:

A)  Hand brake, dimmed headlights, an emergency safety triangle and spare tyres

B)  Mobile phone, sidelights, an emergency safety square and spare petrol

C) Spare petrol, dimmed headlights, a photo of William and Kate and road map

D) Spare tyres, anti-lock brakes, scones and road flares

E) Celine Dion CD, dimmed headlights, some fags and cigarette lighter

3.  While approaching a level crossing, you see the following sign:

You should:

A) Have stayed in bed

B) Proceed with caution and use your dimmed headlights

C) Honk and increase speed as much as possible through any intersections

D) Call your husband and ask him what to do

E) Exit on the left from where you had entered

(Photo credit: Science Photo Library)

4.  Which of the following are NOT allowed on the motorway?  (Select two answers)

A)  Oversized trucks hauling 2.5 tonnes of llama feed

B)  Trucks pulling caravans with a medium-sized stabilizer tow bar and red vinyl interiors

C)  Any vehicle equipped with a very loud stereo system and a copy of “Bohemian Rhapsody”

D) Females wearing merely platform heels and lingerie in January who are at risk of hypothermia

E)  Motorcyclists who have not updated their ROV or their CAT stickers within the last four months of their QUADER probationary period or have not achieved DITTA status

5. Elderly pedestrians are walking along the pavement wearing red reflective lights as earrings and lanyards. One pedestrian also carries a hemp tote bag with a decorative reflective yellow bird. This means:

A) That you should honk at the pedestrians

B) That there is a UK Burning Man called “Mildewy Man”

C) That the pedestrian with the tote bag is training for the Olympics and may attempt to hurdle your vehicle

D) That the pedestrians are on an organized walk and you cannot join them as you have not booked ahead

E) That hemp is a multi-faceted fabric appreciated by walkers, artists, and outdoor enthusiasts of many ages


1. B

2. A

3. E

4. B & D

5. D

To pass you must have answered all questions correctly without more than 2.5 seconds of hesitation. If you failed, sorry! Better luck next time!

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