May Update

I’ve been very busy this month.  I started an intensive course to become certified to teach adult ed, which here means anyone over the age of 16.  Even though the content isn’t so much my cup of tea–very Teaching 101 kind of stuff–how to make a lesson plan, etc., I’m enjoying the company of the others in the class.  There are eight of us, from early twenties to sixties. Quite a range of experiences and fields, which is cool.

I’ve also been able to do some temping, so with that and doing my coursework for the PTLLS course, I haven’t had much time to write here.

Plus, there’s always DIY.   We had an estate agent by to look at the house a few days ago, and the assessment was a bit better than we’d previously thought, so that was a bit of good news.   Most of the painting’s done and we’ve got a bit of art on the walls.  It kind of feels like I live here–a little bit. Especially when it’s nice, in the garden.   Still, we’d like to get out of the neighborhood and to a place where we can go for a walk and have a bit of peace when we’re not working.

Before and After pics of the inside to come.  Now if I can just replace some of this monstrous furniture….

Cabinet mug shot. Offense: too large for small, dark Victorian.

I’m still going to the King’s Poets group in London every other week when I can, which was such a lucky find.  Great people, and  at the end of April an art review I wrote for the lovely Medway Broadside appeared here:

Southeast England has had the warmest April on record, and we’re in dire need of rain.  A few weeks ago things were still beautiful and green, but now they’re starting to turn brown.  Today (the 26th actually) we’re having some good rain for the first time since March.

And now, almost June, it’s freezing and gray again.  I’m sitting here writing this with a wool hat on, wool slippers, and a blanket.

Happy beginning of summer, folks.  More posts to come.  A mojito toast despite the chill.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Erika
    May 30, 2011 @ 08:11:49

    A mojito toast right back to you (from my couch, underneath the blankets. 🙂 . You are doing some very cool things. Glad to hear you are enjoying the teaching course. I’ve noticed here that people seem to return to education at all ages, which I love. Enjoyed your article in the Medway Broadside too – beautifully done! It made me think. Good luck with the DIY, I look forward to seeing more pics. I’m off to make the second cup of coffee….it’s another grey and cool day in Kent. Cheers!


    • taramoyle
      May 31, 2011 @ 17:19:45

      Thanks for the feedback on the Medway Broadside article, Erika. The editor, Andrew Day, really works hard with the publication and I think he does a great job.

      Have been out in the garden today for quite a few hours (pics to come) and the prize was two snails mating (or hugging?) inside the watering can. Lucky things, they’ve now entered the bliss of the garden beer containers. Gotta be ruthless, I’m afraid….


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