Signs of spring–Riverside Country Park

I’m not getting too excited after last August’s mitten-wearing in the house, but it just might be getting a little bit warmer some days, and I have seen some traditional signs of spring–daffodils, crocus, and fresh growth on the boxwoods.

Near Riverside Country Park, on the path along the Medway Estuary, more signs:

Not particular to spring, but I like this little logo for some reason. I think it's just exciting to think of the Anglo Saxons hanging out on my block.

Near Horrid Hill. Origin of name not certain.

C. thought it would be entertaining to tell me that the ruins of the boat above were probably from the Romans.   When would that have been, honey?  Like the thirteenth century or something?   Gosh, history is so hard.


Didn’t see any flowers at Riverside on this walk, but I had caught some snowdrops a few weeks ago:

Vavasseurs Wood, Knockholt (Kent)

There was also a huge redwood tree in this area.  I’m told that Charles Darwin had a house near Knockholt and that there were all sorts of imported species of flora to find.  Will have to go back to look.

For now, it’s Riverside and Capstone Parks.   Pics from Capstone soon when I can catch it on a day with a bit of sun.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Julia
    Mar 15, 2011 @ 13:42:47

    I think those boat remains are more likely to be under 100 years old, rather than the 1600 ish since Romans left Britain (ad410).



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