The Goods Shed, Canterbury

The other weekend, after a long and frustrating morning changing our Sunday plans eight billion times before noon, C. and I decided to go to the Dockyards Art Show in Chatham.

Even though it’s 15 pounds for a year, we’re on a bit of a spending moratorium right now.  So, we bailed on that, and decided to go to Tunbridge Wells, which is supposed to be pretty.

But it was a really cold, crappy day, so I wasn’t that thrilled about walking around outside.

I’m a sun-worshipping American, OK?   C. would call almost every day either “quite mild” or “quite pleasant.”  The closest I’ve ever heard him come to a weather complaint was that it was…wait, I can’t think of anything.  Even on the most bitter days, or once when he had to walk five miles back in the snow when the train stopped, there was no complaint.

Warning, warning Will Robinson–you have married a charming android.

So, we get on the highway, or, as they say here, the motorway, and about 3/4 of the way there we changed our minds again and decided to go to The Goods Shed, a food market and restaurant I’d seen online.

We’d make it about an hour before they closed.  I was psyched.  A few pretty views along the way, sheep, etc. and we arrived.

So nice.


We got some local honey to help with springtime allergies, some nettle tea, and had a few bites of a spicy falafel patty.

The solution to all life’s problems?

I love you, beautiful Goods Shed peeps.

We then walked towards the town center

and met C.’s friend, on a whim, at Café Boho. That was nice.  I had some Thai sweet potato soup with cilantro, which I am definitely going to try and make at home.  (Sorry–camera battery ran out–no more pics!)

And then we talked to C.’s pal about living in Canterbury, still not sure where we’re going to live, and added it to our list of places to research.  The tourists in summer would be bad, but so many great little restaurants and cafés.

(Note–looked it up later and it’s off list due to $$$.)

The trip really did cheer me up.   I’ll definitely head back to The Goods Shed.  Even though it wouldn’t pay that well, I kind of wish I could work there just to be in such a beautiful place for a while.  Maybe a few summer hours…?

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Erika
    Mar 15, 2011 @ 21:29:44

    I LOVE the Goods Shed! I was there last Fall and loved it. So charming, so delicious, such a feast for the eyes! It sounds like you had a lovely Sunday adventure. I’m glad I’m not the only one who changes her mind on a whim. 🙂 P.S. You were in my neighborhood – I live in Tunbridge Wells! (I agree with you that it’s not much fun to wander in the cold and gray – next time stop into Juliet’s for a coffee and homemade carrot cake. It’s a deliciously cozy cafe just down from the Pantiles on the High Street). And is it just me, or does the damp make it seem much much colder here, even when the temperatures are relatively mild? BRRRRR!


    • taramoyle
      Mar 15, 2011 @ 22:02:58

      It’s not just you. I lived in Eugene, OR for a year and had the same experience–was always cold. Seattle too. Chicago cold doesn’t bother me as much–it’s the damp cold thing that stays with me. My blood must have thinned out from my years in Virginia, too. At this point winter is over and you can put your wool sweaters away.

      Yeah, I know you’re not that far from us and we didn’t walk around Tunbridge Wells that day, I’m sure we’ll get down there another day! I didn’t see any yet but will have to go back to your blog to see if you’ve posted about the town. A lot of people say it’s gorgeous.

      (Yay for The Goods Shed!)


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