UK Blizzard, 2010

Last week it snowed–the most snow here since 1965. It started on Monday and by mid-week, the post had stopped coming and a lot of roads were shut down.

I was at home all week, and almost no one was on the road. The trains came to a screeching halt due to ice on the rains on Thursday, and folks had to get out and walk. C. walked five miles back to our place. He worked at home Friday, and we took a long walk around dusk.

There really wasn’t that much snow, but the UK simply isn’t equipped to salt and plow like some townships do whenever it snows.

The kids in the neighborhood seemed thrilled about the snow, and some started making little snowmen. One must be careful not to become too attached, however:


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  1. Sara
    Dec 19, 2010 @ 00:41:55

    Beautiful pictures, Tara. Wish we had more than one “snow day” (at a time) when we kids. Seems our major snow storms hit on a Friday! Your words are so illustrative and descriptive — as I’ve said, I feel as if I’m walking along with you, experiencing your experiences. (couldn’t help myself)
    Looking forward to more of your travels.
    and stop nic-ing peoples snowmen!


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